“A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education” – Dr. Smiley Blanton, Love or Perish.

Eclect Elect is the personal weblog of self-appointed purveyor of all, Fi Wilson. Born of a frustration at the contrived nature that tends to surround her inherent and multifarious tastes, Fi created this digital panoptical curate of curiosities in honour of the right to freedom of thought; a break from conformity and the subsequent nonsensical notion of conforming to non-conformity, if you will. Rejecting the constraints of fashion for true passion, Eclect Elect exists in admiration and fascination of the all-encompassing delights, from high-brow to low-brow, art, trash, and anything and everything that causes a state of general wonderment or pleasure. Not for the weak of mind, it’s your friend eclectic.

About the author:


Fiona Wilson – or Fi as she prefers to be called, lest she should feel she’s done a bad thing – is a master scribe with several years experience in the field of ‘reputably influencing.’ An influencer of reputable note, indeed, Fi’s finely honed skills with the written word, combined with her “lovely and unique personality” (quotation from a graduate recruitment company trying to work with her ‘talents’ amid concerns she wasn’t really ‘getting it,’ though the bastards never did manage to find me her a job) have seen her become a respected and incomparable web presence. Rejecting a modelling career for more academic pursuits, this willful London-based graduate of English, Film and Media has forged her own path through the competitive online field. From a very early age, Fi’s grasp of the English language has been skillfully wielded as a tool for asserting her strong-minded independence, backed up by a healthy helping of sheer stubbornness. It is no surprise, then, that “me only try” was her second earliest, most oft-used and self-coined phrase, preceded only by that charming nugget of self-devised license to do exactly as she pleased, “I can if I like to.” And so it is that this perceptive, resourceful and ever-evolving talent arrives at the glorious culmination of a lifetime of individuality and years of online experience, Eclect Elect.

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