“El Resquicio” (Trailer)

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“17-year-old Tomás, and his younger sister Marcela, leave home to attend a fancy dress party. She never comes back. A year later, Tomás and his family go on a trip to an isolated country house, intending to heal their wounds…”

“…But in the hauntingly beautiful countryside, the trip will soon turn into a collective hell. The isolation unearths the memories of Marcela’s death; one son’s deep attraction to his aunt; another son’s hatred for his brother; and the dark fantasy that completely envelops the family’s 10 year-old twins, based on the macabre stories that their aunt tells them before bed. Soon the family members are sunk into a state of nightmarish insanity that some of them may not survive.”

Though there is currently very little info surrounding the release of El Resquicio  (literal translation “The Opening”) and thus far no English subtitles for this Colombian-Argentine film, the atmosphere in the trailer alone is enough to convey that this is one family for whom a healing trip away is backfiring with ample sufficiency to delight fans of cinematographic, isolated family madness.



“The French Doors” Short Film By Steve Ayson

May 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

Written and directed by Steve Ayson, this 2002 New Zealand short is not only one of my favourites, but over 12-minutes-worth of innovative creepiness to put you off any domestic renovations you might have in mind for, approximately, forever.

“Amer” (Trailer)

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Released by Anchor Bay in January 2011, Amer (Bitter) is Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s deliciously formidable inaugural feature and open homage to cult Italian horror genre, giallo.

This near dialogue-free French/Belgian giallo extraordinaire a – triptych tale of Ana amid the lust and violence that shapes her – shows its devotion to its generic procreators with more than enough aplomb to seamlessly anchor it in French art-house cinema. Elated for days following the screening, it’s no secret that this gloriously fervent psychoanalytic hotbed ignited in me some hope for the filmic future.

Frankly, a staggering first feature and nothing less than essential viewing for fans of giallo and art-house alike, or, for the virgin masses, an intoxicating cinematic opiate that will leave you seeking out your erstwhile fix.

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