Wassim Boutaleb, Bruno Mangyoku, Vincent Mahé, Yann Boyer – “Chronos 1.0” (Animated Short)

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Completed at the French animation school, Le Gobelins, Chronos 1.0 is an animated short by Wassim Boutaleb, Bruno Mangyoku, Vincent Mahé & Yann Boyer. Realised in a mixture of traditional and digital mediums, it served as the opening sequence for the Annecy’s 2007 Animated Film Festival. Sound design is by Gerard Labadie, with music by Gabriel Ray & the students of Le Conservatoire de la ville d’Annecy.

Stefan Faehler – “Kill Fink”

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“You’re a sick fuck, Fink.”

Here we have a rather striking imagining of the titular character from my favourite film by the brothers Coen, Barton Fink. Created by Stefan Faehler and showing at the upcoming Spoke Art exhibition, Quentin Vs Coen, at New York’s Bold Hype Gallery from the 7th – 9th of April. Remaining work will be available to purchase online through the Spoke Art shop.


Jason Eisener’s “Hobo With A Shotgun” Trailer/ “Treevenge”

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“They’re all brand new and perfect…” Beware, urban scum, for vigilante-hobo, Rutger Hauer, is on your case with a shotgun and a severe bout of existential disaffection. All he wants is a lawnmower to make the city pretty, but the dregs of society push him too far. So far, in fact, that Hobo takes the law – and lawnmower-replacement shotgun – into his own hands, blasting away said urban scum with more gusto than Kim and Aggie with non-branded disinfectant.

UK release date is July 22nd 2011. In the meantime, here’s a taster of Eisener’s take on bloody revenge when Christmas trees get pushed too far in his precursor short, Treevenge.

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