Josh Eckert – “Straw Dogs” (Concept Poster)

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Steina Vasulka – “Of The North” (Installation)

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Created in 2001 and exhibited as an installation forming part of 2008’s Art Against Architecture at The National Gallery of Iceland, Of The North is pioneering experimental video artist Steina Vasulka’s projected video environment consisting of computer processed, spherical imagery. Vasulka’s orbs depict kinetic manipulations of Icelandic nature, from macro to micro, spinning in sound as if in a state of perpetual transmutation. This intense audio-visual experience draws from our relationship to the natural world and its processes and performs, in a sense, as abstract escapism through an unnatural vision.

“It is like a duty,” Vasulka says of her work, “to show what cannot be seen except with the eye of media: water flowing uphill or sideways, upside down rolling seas or a weather beaten drop of a glacier melt…perhaps the audience could feel a part of this creative trance, living for a moment in a mental world where they have never been.”

If some deities could form in representation of my Naturalistic Pantheist beliefs, this is how I imagine them to be: beautiful, obscure, spherical entities morphing in glorious AV for ever and ever (amen.)

Art Against Architecture exhibition, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik, 2008.

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum By Tony Fretton Architects

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Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, Denmark, by award-winning London-based architectural team, Tony Fretton Architects.

Photography by Hélène Binet


Matt Relkin – “The Big Bang” (Artwork)

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The Big Bang is a 16″ x 18″ acrylic on panel artwork by Matt Relkin. Other geometric artwork and photography by Matt is available to view on his site,

MannequInspiration: “Crooked Rot”/ “Manny” (Stop-Motion Animation)

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Growing up with a visual diet of stop-motion animation has ceaselessly endeared it to me for its beguiling, dark charm. A regular fixture of my televisual intake, from the synonymous Ray Harryhausen to the pure magic of Czech Animation, stop-motion captured my head and my heart from a very early age. Czech surrealist filmmaker, Jan Švankmajer, is, of course, still propagating his auteurism within this cinematic field, but reaching a new generation with his mastery of the craft, largely via the internet, is the UK’s very own David Firth; animator, musician, video artist, and he of Salad Fingers fame.

Notoriously time consuming, stop-motion has been less of a viable filmmaking option for Firth, but today, reader, we’re going to have a mini retrospective of mannequin-based animations from this particular realm of artistry, beginning with Firth’s own Crooked Rot, and, as inspiration does beget inspiration, Adam Rosenberg’s tributary Manny.

And so I present to you, with music composed by Marcus Fjellström, Crooked Rot…but not before some introductory words on the film by Firth himself:

This project really began when I discovered a treasure cave of strange items in my own back yard including mannequin heads and rubber hands. It inspired me so much that every time I returned I gathered more inspiration.

And now for Adam Rosenberg’s heavily-influenced yet sufficiently self-stamped Crooked Rot homage, Manny:

And here are some links should you wish to further investigate the talents involved: for David Firth for Marcus Fjellström for Adam Rosenberg

Technology (Pic)

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Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia, 1984.


Lina Scheynius (Photo)

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